The foundation of the Trading Group Ltd. grain elevator was laid in 2020.
A photo of our grain elevator
Our company opened a grain elevator in response to a shortage of such facilities in our region.
Control the quality of their products
Elevators play a key role in agriculture and the grain processing industry by providing conditions for drying, cleaning and storing grain.
This allows agricultural producers
Avoid spoilage and manage the time and conditions of the sale
Our elevator is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help farmers save money and time when handling grain.

We provide convenient shipment options including bulk, containers and big bags. Our elevator plays an important role in the agricultural chain, benefiting our farmers.
The laboratory is the heart of the grain elevator
Cereal and oilseed crops must comply with GOSTs, taking into account the different requirements for food and non-food purposes. When exporting, batches are formed in accordance with EU standards.
Since this year, the presence of GMOs in rapeseed, sunflower, corn and soybeans has been analyzed using AgraStrip equipment. When selecting equipment, the lowest measurement error rate is taken into account.
GMO analysis and equipment:
The laboratory is the heart of the elevator, participating in the research, control of parameters during the movement and shipment of grain, with the recording of data in the appropriate form.
The role of the laboratory in the grain elevator:
The laboratory determines quality indicators by spectroscopy method, using infrared analyzer INFRASKAN - 3150. Wheat quality is assessed by the number of fall on the PPP - 2KL apparatus.
Grain quality analysis:
Laboratory Objective:
The main objective of the laboratory is to preserve the grain in the best quality, to constantly monitor performance, to respond to biotechnical processes and to maintain high standards, especially in the context of high-value products.